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eBook - The QBR is Dead. Enter the CBR.

The world of B2B is evolving at breakneck speed and it’s not enough for suppliers to gain alignment with their customers on a quarterly basis. The Quarterly Business Review must give way to the Continuous Business Review.

One Pager - MetaCX for DEI

As a complement to broader ESG efforts, Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) programs are arguably one of the most important investments a company can make in business today. Research shows that a diverse employee base has proven to not only be good for society, but for company health and overall business performance.

One Pager - How MetaCX Measures Value

Businesses come together for the purpose of creating value—value that is unattainable by a company operating alone. This shared expectation of value exchange is the foundation of business relationships, yet until now, there hasn’t been a way for companies to track or measure true value creation.

One Pager - The First-Ever Business Value Network

MetaCX has created the first-ever Business Value Network where companies go to manage their business relationships. Within the network, companies are able to connect with organizations both upstream and downstream in their value chain to align on expected outcomes and monitor value delivery over time.

One Pager - MetaCX for Technology

Many technology providers fail to put value at the center of the customer experience. MetaCX's Business Value Network gives providers the ability to align with their prospects and customers on expected outcomes and measure value delivery over time.

One Pager - MetaCX for ESG

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have grown exponentially in importance in the corporate sector in recent years. Learn how MetaCX can be your partner in developing ESG frameworks for data-driven, outcomes-based results that drive value for your company and your stakeholders.

One Pager - MetaCX for Healthcare

MetaCX has created a platform for organizations to define the value expected from their business relationships and measure if this value is being delivered. The platform is used in many industries, including healthcare, to align organizations on the shared expectations that sit at the center of business relationships.

White Paper - Sharing Healthcare Data Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

Learn how to counteract the challenges preventing effective data sharing in the healthcare industry today in order to establish mutual accountability and trust between suppliers, providers, systems, and payers.

One Pager - Team Value Creation

Within a company, every functional area is a critical component of that organization’s value delivery model. Unfortunately, the impact of specific teams is often overlooked. Learn how MetaCX can help you connect with those in your functional area to prove your team’s creation of value and impact on company initiatives.

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