MetaCX Assets

One Pager - MetaCX for Multi-Stakeholder Innovation

Learn how MetaCX creates one shared view of strategic initiatives for partnering organizations to align on and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

eBook - Measuring Value with MetaCX

Learn how MetaCX helps companies establish the expectation of value through desired outcomes and measure the realization of value through real-time performance metrics.

One Pager - MetaCX for Economic & Talent Development

Learn how MetaCX helps government and NGO leaders create ecosystem support structures for business and job growth, providing insight into which agencies are contributing toward desired outcomes.

One Pager - MetaCX for DEI

In the coming years, the demand for accountability and sophistication in DEI strategies will only continue to grow. MetaCX can be your partner in developing frameworks for data-driven, outcomes-based results that drive value for your company and your stakeholders.

eBook - MetaCX Best Practices

How your company uses MetaCX depends on the type of business relationships you’re managing in the network and the initiatives and desired outcomes that define value in your organization. Fortunately, there are several universal best practices that can be applied across all use cases to best facilitate value realization.

One Pager - Getting Started Guide

Every company that joins the Business Value Network has a unique journey. How your company will use MetaCX depends on the type of business relationships you plan to manage in the network. Fortunately the implementation process is similar across all use cases.

eBook - The QBR is Dead. Enter the CBR.

The world of B2B is evolving at breakneck speed and it’s not enough for suppliers to gain alignment with their customers on a quarterly basis. The Quarterly Business Review must give way to the Continuous Business Review.

One Pager - The Business Value Network

MetaCX has built the Business Value Network, a first-of-a-kind network that companies join to manage the expected value from their business relationships with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

One Pager - MetaCX for Vendor Value Management

Considering all the hours spent in evaluation, contract negotiations, and due diligence to onboard a new vendor, it’s in your organization’s best interest to monitor whether or not the company is delivering on the value promised. Unfortunately, in enterprise business, that’s rarely the case.

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