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MetaCX Best Practices

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Learn How to Best Leverage MetaCX

Every organization using MetaCX has a unique journey. How your company applies  multi-stakeholder software depends on the type of initiatives your organization wants to manage in the platform, the internal and external stakeholders you want to connect with, and the desired outcomes that define value in your organization. Fortunately, there are several universal best practices that can be applied to best facilitate value realization.

Download the ebook to learn how to best leverage the following features and capabilities.

Value Networks

Value networks provide a framework for connection in MetaCX. They align internal and external stakeholders on strategic initiatives and provide the means to measure progress toward desired outcomes.


A MetaCX feature that gives organizations the ability to manage every aspect of their most strategic commercial and social initiatives including the internal and external stakeholders involved, desired outcomes, corresponding action plans, and performance metrics.


Persistent, digital spaces where two or more organizations are able to come together to collaborate on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.


The key deliverables by which you and the businesses you partner with define value and measure success in the Business Value Network.

Performance Metrics

Measures of quantitative assessment that provide insight into how companies are tracking toward the achievement of expected outcomes and delivery of value.

Action Plans

Step-by-step instructions that outline a course of action to take in order to achieve a business goal or desired outcome.


Customizable data stories with copy, images, and MetaCX objects that can be crafted to provide context to key insights and gain executive buy-in to enact change.

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The QBR is Dead. Enter the CBR.