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Learn how MetaCX helps government and NGO leaders create ecosystem support structures for business and job growth, providing insight into which agencies are contributing toward desired outcomes.

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The Challenge

Government and NGO leaders partner with many local and national organizations on strategic initiatives. The challenge is that while communication and collaboration are vital to success, ecosystem partners often use disconnected, siloed systems that get in the way of creating the alignment needed across many stakeholders to create value.

Creating Ecosystem Alignment

MetaCX has built the Business Value Network, a first-of-a-kind network that companies join to manage the expected value from their business relationships. By joining the network, companies are able to establish persistent digital connections with ecosystem partners to align on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

Specifically in the government and nonprofit sectors, organizations that join the network are able to collaborate with partnering agencies to ensure the collective achievement of key business and job growth initiatives. By tying numerous companies to an initiative, network members can visualize the impact each organization has on an initiative’s success as well as understand the cumulative effect of an entire business ecosystem.

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