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Learn how MetaCX is helping healthcare suppliers, providers, systems, employers, and payers work together to establish a foundation of value in the healthcare industry.

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Across the healthcare industry, there has been a shift from volume to value, where healthcare suppliers, providers, systems, employers, and payers are aligning their economic interests to work together on the improvement of patient care.

The challenge is that even with collective commitment to positive patient outcomes, it can be difficult for partnering healthcare organizations to align on a shared expectation of value or track value delivery over time. That’s where MetaCX can help.

Aligning on Value

MetaCX has created a platform for organizations to define the value expected from their business relationships and measure if this value is being delivered. The platform is used in many industries, including healthcare, to align organizations on the shared expectations that sit at the center of business relationships.

Establishing Trust

MetaCX works in a unique way to build and support trust. For the healthcare industry to align on value for the benefit of positive patient outcomes, there must be a foundation of trust where all stakeholders are on equal footing in the relationship with respect to data privacy, transparency, and control.

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