MetaCX for Multi-Stakeholder Innovation

Learn how MetaCX creates one shared view of strategic initiatives for partnering organizations to align on and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

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Drive Innovation Through Collaboration

Innovation requires working collaboratively with multiple internal and external stakeholders. Aligning on the outcomes each entity contributes to create value is crucial, yet despite substantial digital advancements in the last twenty years, traditional enterprise software is still focused on the internal, transactional workflows of a single company. These disconnected, siloed systems do not support the holistic, value-driven collaboration needed to succeed.

Enter the Business Value Network—a first-of-a-kind network that enables multi-stakeholder alignment and collaboration. Built on a new computing paradigm broadly labeled as the metaverse, organizations who join the Business Value Network are able to establish persistent digital connections with ecosystem partners to align on strategic initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

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