MetaCX for Revenue Operations

Learn how MetaCX creates a tight linkage between the outcomes you promise in the sales cycle, the ones you achieve through implementation and usage, and the outcomes you can prove at renewal time.

Sell on Value. Renew on Proof.

Even the best B2B vendors struggle to gain new customers and retain existing ones. Not because their products aren’t valuable, but because their impact is difficult to measure and communicate back to customers.

Why? The problem is three-fold:

  1. Sales teams fail to focus on their prospects’ desired outcomes and instead concentrate on features and functionality. Companies don’t buy features. They buy solutions to their problems.
  2. When a deal closes, target outcomes are rarely handed off to the implementation and success teams in a way that ensures everyone is aligned around what the customer expects and needs.
  3. Once the product is deployed, there isn’t a way to measure whether these outcomes were achieved or report how value is being delivered against the customer’s definition of success.

The result is ambiguity and doubt. And wherever there’s doubt, deals stall and customers churn.

This is the classic disconnect between suppliers and buyers that MetaCX addresses with a new outcomes-based approach for managing the entire customer lifecycle.

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