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Learn how MetaCX is helping technology providers and their buyers align on expected outcomes and measure value delivery over time.

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Ensure Continuous Alignment by Prioritizing Outcomes

Your customers purchase your technology with specific outcomes in mind, but without a system in place that prioritizes value delivery, it’s easy for expectations to become misaligned. This leads to inaction, mistrust, and unrealized potential for the partnership. Without a way to define, measure, and prove the value you’re delivering, the long term viability of each customer partnership is perpetually at risk.

Part of the problem is that the tools used to facilitate customer relationships keep technology providers busy with a multitude of tasks and workflows, but do little to actually enable value creation and delivery. A solution is needed that ties together sales and customer success as one “steel thread” experience that connects:

  • Value Selling—where marketing and sales teams position outcomes that can be achieved for the customer.
  • Value Delivery—where implementation and onboarding teams deliver on these promises.
  • Value Realization—where CSMs and account managers measure and prove that outcomes were achieved.

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