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MetaCX for Environmental Impact

Learn how MetaCX enables multi-stakeholder alignment and collaboration on your most important environmental initiatives.

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Drive Outcomes-Based Results

The focus on environmental impact has been on the rise in the corporate sector in recent years. Companies are investing more in sustainability initiatives, and expect these initiatives to drive value for their businesses and the greater good.

The pressure on ESG teams to prove the ROI of their programs and demonstrate long-term value creation for all stakeholders is stronger than ever before. Yet many of the most sophisticated sustainability initiatives still rely on rudimentary metrics and simplistic or outdated technology to track the outcomes of their programs for partners, stakeholders, and the corporate bottom line. Enter MetaCX.

MetaCX has built the Business Value Network, a first-of-a-kind network that enables multi-stakeholder alignment and collaboration. Within the network, ESG teams are able to establish persistent digital connections with partnering organizations to align on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes.

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