The First-Ever Business Value Network

Learn how MetaCX is helping organizations align on expected value and measure value delivery over time.

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Introducing MetaCX

Businesses come together for the purpose of creating value—value that is unattainable by a company operating alone. This shared expectation of value exchange is the foundation of business relationships, yet until now, these relationships have largely been managed offline causing value to be left implicit, undefined, and unmeasured.

MetaCX has created the first-ever Business Value Network where companies go to manage their business relationships. Within the network, value can be defined and shared between organizations. Companies are able to connect with organizations both upstream and downstream in their value chain to align on expected outcomes and measure value delivery over time.

The Meaning of Value

All companies face an imperative to create more value to be competitive, but what does that really mean? In business, value can take on many different forms. MetaCX helps organizations optimize the creation of both commercial and social value.

In terms of commercial value, businesses who join MetaCX are able to connect with their customers to put value at the center of the customer experience and continuously prove value delivery. On the flip side of the equation, buyers are able to connect with their vendors to create accountability and ensure they are receiving the value promised.

MetaCX’s approach to social value is similar, but with a slightly different objective. Two or more companies are able to connect in the network with the purpose of collectively achieving specific environmental, social, and governance outcomes that serve a greater purpose than revenue performance.

These use cases can be applied across a wide array of industries—healthcare, technology, and manufacturing included—to align organizations on the shared expectations that sit at the center of their business relationships.

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