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Learn how TechPoint is partnering with MetaCX to accelerate the growth of Indiana’s tech ecosystem by prioritizing value creation with their members.

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Founded in 2003, TechPoint is the growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem. The nonprofit brings together Indiana's tech companies, philanthropies, government, universities, and talent to create opportunity in the state.

Tech ecosystems need resources like talent, innovation, companies, capital, community, promotion, research, and policy. Attracting, harnessing, and coordinating these resources is critical for success and is what TechPoint does best.

To build a strong local tech ecosystem, TechPoint partners with many organizations through their member community. Unsurprisingly, communication and collaboration is vital to the community’s success. In order to ensure their team was serving these members in a way that helped each company achieve their goals and sequentially fulfilled the TechPoint vision, the TechPoint team turned to MetaCX.

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