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The QBR is Dead. Enter the Continuous Business Review.

As the business world evolves, it only makes sense that the QBR is abandoned to make way for the continuous business review.

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Where QBRs Go Wrong

How many times in your career have you been on the giving or receiving end of a completely unproductive quarterly business review? When the QBR was conceived, the idea was for account managers to sync with their customers every few months to discuss progress, gain a deeper understanding of future plans, and strategize on goals and objectives.

On the surface, it’s a seemingly worthwhile venture, but the reality is that the approach has become ineffective and unproductive—in part, because while the process is ostensibly for the benefit of the customer, more often than not, it is simply about gaining visibility into retention risk and growth opportunities.

The world of B2B is evolving at breakneck speed and it’s not enough for suppliers to gain alignment with their customers on a quarterly basis. Innovations are made, competitors emerge overnight, and world events change entire go-to-market strategies in an instant. In order to deliver real value, suppliers must keep in lockstep with their customers to ensure they are achieving their desired outcomes. They must understand their customers’ struggles, offer solutions, and above all else, help them win.

Download the ebook to learn how to implement continuous business reviews in your organization. It's time for a new approach.

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