Research Report – The State of Sales Methodologies in B2B SaaS

October 21, 2020

In the summer of 2020, MetaCX and Revenue Collective surveyed 400 customer and revenue leaders within North American B2B SaaS companies to ask them about their sales methodologies. We were interested in understanding the relative performance of different methodologies, adoption and usage by different functions and teams, how these methodologies are implemented and operationalized, and the various roles and stakeholders associated with these initiatives.

As context, we offered the following definition for a sales methodology:

A framework that outlines how sellers approach each phase of the sales process, including the steps that are taken, the criteria for advancing a deal, and the process for identifying and validating customer pains, defining and proposing solutions, and measuring value realization.

Examples of sales methodologies cited in this research include Solution Selling, Challenger, FORCE, MEDDIC, SPIN, NEAT, Miller Heiman, Sandler, and others.

This survey was administered by a professional market research firm, using industry accepted practices for survey design, data collection, and statistical analysis.

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