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Explaining MetaCX to a Fifth Grader

In order for your message to resonate with its intended audience, it’s important to periodically take a step back and put yourself in the shoes of someone who has no clue what your technology does. In order to do that, MetaCX had a hypothetical conversation with a fifth grader.

Value Builders Ep. 48 - Leslie Pagel

Leslie Pagel, Chief Customer Officer at Authenticx on listening to understand, advocating for customers within a company, and embracing interaction data in the next wave of customer experience innovation.

The Metaverse® is a Transformational Opportunity for the Business World

Much of the world associates the metaverse with avatars and immersive VR experiences, which is key for consumers and some business applications, but this new computing paradigm offers a more foundational and transformative opportunity for the business world.

Building Value for the State of Indiana in the Metaverse®

Last week, MetaCX gathered with a variety of businesses, government organizations, and NGOs that aspire to drive progress in the state of Indiana. The purpose of the event? To discuss new opportunities that have emerged from the metaverse.

Facilitate Value Creation Through MetaCX Bridges

Within the network, ​​companies connect through Bridges—co-owned, digital spaces where two or more organizations come together to collaborate on shared initiatives and monitor progress toward desired outcomes. Bridges are what link companies together in the network and ensure the continuous flow of value across business ecosystems.

Value Builders Ep. 47 - Cassie Young

Cassie Young of Primary Venture Partners on using customer success fundamentals to catapult a venture portfolio to success, why retention is the cheapest form of growth, and why the CCO is on a trajectory to be the new CRO.

What Makes MetaCX Different

MetaCX has created the first-ever Business Value Network where companies go to manage their business relationships. Within the network, companies are able to connect with organizations both upstream and downstream in their value chain to align on expected outcomes and track value delivery over time.

Value Builders Ep. 46 - David Ehrlichman

David Ehrlichman, the author of Impact Networks, sits down to discuss the power of using impact networks to create a new frontier for overcoming today's biggest social and environmental challenges.

Value Builders Ep. 45 - David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz, WW Director - Customer Business Value at MongoDB, joins Dave to share his thoughts on building a full lifecycle value practice, introducing Total Value of Ownership, and using coaching as a technique to unite Sales, Customer Success, and Value Consulting.

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