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RevRev Ep. 32 - Brian Hall and Lauren Decker

Brian Hall and Lauren Decker of Carema Consulting unpack the relationship between product marketing and customer success highlighting the importance of talking to customers and building a journey mapping strategy centered on the jobs customers need to complete.

Deep Customer Collaboration Explained

Deep customer collaboration builds on the deep collaboration concept that productivity and collaboration applications are on a collision course—an output of the evolution of the way people work.

RevRev Ep. 31 - Steve Sanchez

Steve gives a peek into what has fueled the Gong business to greatness. He shares how creating raving fans is the #1 operating principle for the company alongside his charter to build customer loyalty through value delivery.

RevRev Ep. 30 - Irvine Sloan

Hear Irvine Sloan, VP of Strategic Account Management at Duke Energy, share how he thinks about building his strategic account management team through a curated collection of skill sets he calls 'superpowers'.

RevRev Ep. 29 - Mary-Beth Donovan

Listen to Mary-Beth Donovan, VP of Global CS Operations at VMWare, discuss how she uses a core set of pillars and frameworks to make sure her team, and VMware as a whole, has the right tools and knowledge to deliver value to customers.

TechPoint Case Study

Learn how the TechPoint team partnered with MetaCX to ensure they were serving their member community in a way that prioritized desired outcomes and sequentially fulfilled the TechPoint vision.

RevRev Ep. 28 - Richard Owen

Dave sits down with NPS co-creator, Richard Owen, to reflect on the evolution of NPS, the role it has served in shaping customer experience strategy, and the ways it can be used as a catalyst for CX innovation in the future.

RevRev Ep. 27 - Seth Shaw

Seth joins the podcast to talk about what it takes to put an organization in a better position for delivering value to customers when starting out as a product-led organization and culture.

Using Multidirectional Data to Track Value Realization

MetaCX is thrilled to launch multidirectional data to more accurately track the progression of value and help organizations prove they are making an impact.


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