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Value Builders Podcast - Brent Dykes

Value Builders Ep. 52 - Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes, Author of Effective Data Storytelling, on using data storytelling to develop a high-performing data culture within an organization to drive progress and change.

Managing Your Strategic Initiatives with MetaCX

Managing Your Strategic Initiatives with MetaCX

Everyone can agree that strategic initiatives are difficult to manage. This infographic outlines the differences between managing strategic initiatives without and with MetaCX.

Driving Action Through Data Storytelling

Driving Action Through Data Storytelling

In order to use data more effectively, a different approach is needed—software that enables data storytelling. Data storytelling is the effective communication of data insights. It’s the act of putting data into context in order to inspire action and influence strategic decisions.

MetaCX Action Plans

MetaCX Enhances Action Plans to Support Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

MetaCX is thrilled to announce the launch of a major product enhancement to its action plans feature. With more advanced use cases, including multi-stakeholder collaboration, MetaCX saw a strong need to advance the functionality.

Value Builders podcast - Greg Daines

Value Builders Ep. 51 - Greg Daines

Greg Daines, Founder and CEO of Total Customer Strategy, on why customers renew with suppliers, challenging conventional customer management strategies, and the role Sales plays in driving retention and growth.

Implementing Outcome-Based Vendor Management

Implementing Outcome-Based Vendor Management

There are specific expectations for every vendor your company enters into contract with, but without a value-based framework in place, it can be difficult to maintain alignment on your desired outcomes. In order to protect your bottom line, you need to ensure vendors are prioritizing value delivery.

Value Builders Podcast - Aaron Thompson

Value Builders Ep. 50 - Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson, CRO of SuccessCoaching, on outcome-based selling, what B2B can learn from direct-to-consumer offerings, and the realities of managing an infinite product lifespan with today’s buyers.

Gain a Comprehensive View of Marketing Performance

Gain a Comprehensive View of Marketing Performance

The marketing discipline requires a diverse set of strategies and tactics, all of which are supported by an ever-evolving tech stack. With so many moving parts, it can feel almost impossible for marketing leaders to gain a comprehensive view of marketing performance. Luckily, MetaCX can help.

Why MetaCX Built the BVN

Why MetaCX Built the Business Value Network

Curious as to why MetaCX built a platform as unique as the Business Value Network? This infographic provides all the answers, detailing the challenges of the evolving business world and how MetaCX is paving a path into the future.