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MetaCX Launches Next Generation User Experience

Who doesn’t love a makeover? MetaCX is thrilled to announce the launch of our next generation user experience. The inspiration behind the design overhaul stems from MetaCX’s vision to put value at the center of business relationships.

Value Builders Ep. 41 - Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson of Outcome Leaders joins the podcast to discuss the launch of his new book, Income from Outcomes, and the opportunity customer success leaders have to tap into unrealized income through the development of an outcome program.

Value Builders Ep. 40 - Lawrence Walter

Lawrence Walter, VP of Entrepreneurship at the Indiana Economic Develop Corporation(IEDC), joins Dave to discuss how he is bringing innovation to government and economic development through outcome-based strategies.

What Makes MetaCX Different

MetaCX has created the first-ever Business Value Network where companies go to manage their business relationships. Within the network, companies are able to connect with organizations both upstream and downstream in their value chain to align on expected outcomes and track value delivery over time.

Value Builders Ep. 39 - Anurag Goel

Anurag Goel, Global Head of Value Consulting and Realization at Red Hat, sits down in this episode of Value Builders to discuss what it takes to create and scale a value organization from scratch, how value organizations are becoming the steel thread for the customer lifecycle, and the best skill set for value roles.

Value Builders Ep. 38 - Marcy Twete

Marcy Twete, Founder and CEO at Marcy Twete Consulting, joins the Value Builders podcast to discuss the concept of social value, the emergence of ESG strategies and investments, and the role companies have in making the world a better place.

How MetaCX Measures Value

MetaCX tracks the exchange of value between organizations by instrumenting and contextualizing multidirectional data. Within the network, companies are able to connect with organizations both upstream and downstream in their value chain to monitor value delivery over time.

MetaCX Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

The MetaCX team is excited to announce that we are now SOC 2 Type 2 certified! In order for an organization to be SOC 2 “certified”, it must demonstrate to a third-party auditing firm that every control of the security framework is met satisfactorily.

Value Builders Ep. 37 - Aaron Fulkerson

Aaron Fulkerson, GM of Customer Success and Services products at ServiceNow, joins the podcast to discuss the strategy of creating an operating model for customer centricity, the emerging trend of value experiences, and value building through leadership.

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