A Year of Notable Firsts

A Year of Notable Firsts

February 25, 2021 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

Today, MetaCX announced the launch of CXLayer, an industry-first capability that allows MetaCX success plans to be embedded directly into any SaaS application or digital experience of your choice.

This is an important milestone and comes on the heels of a year of notable firsts and company momentum. On such a landmark occasion, it’s important to look back and reflect on all the steps, big and small, that brought MetaCX to where it is today.

Let’s take a jog down memory lane.

Corporate milestones

2020 was a pivotal year of commercially launching the platform, raising additional funds and building out a seasoned leadership team. Milestones included:

  • In February, the company activated its platform, proving the technical merits of a real-time event-driven architecture capable of scaling to meet the demands of the largest companies in the world.
  • In June, MetaCX unveiled its product for the first time with its official commercial launch.
  • In November, the company quietly raised an additional $7.5 million Series A1 round led by new investors Greenspring and BIP Capital, bringing total Series A fundraising to $24.5 million, including earlier rounds from High Alpha, Upfront Ventures and Silicon Valley Bank. This funding was previously unannounced.

Executive appointments:

  • Anand Tharanathan, former product executive at Facebook, as CPO;
  • Jill Chiara, former VP of enterprise sales at Drift, as CRO; and,
  • Max Hamel, former CPO at AmberEngine as VP of product.

Of MetaCX, Paul Greenberg, one of the leading voices in CRM, said in ZDNet:

“I expected to be pretty impressed, and I was impressed way more than I expected.”


“We started MetaCX by asking what it would look like to rethink customer management software in a digital-first world,” McCorkle said. “Three years later, we have launched and we've begun to connect our first ecosystems. Built as a network that companies join, we manage the value stream between a supplier and buyer such that each sees MetaCX as their platform.”

After two years of R&D, MetaCX unveiled its revolutionary platform to digitally transform B2B supplier and buyer relationships:

  • In March, MetaCX launched Bridges, a shared space that allows suppliers and buyers to align on target outcomes, work together on mutual action plans, and measure value realization; this led to the first instances of supplier/buyer collaboration in MetaCX.
  • In September, MetaCX delivered a major product release focused on streamlining the B2B customer lifecycle--across sales, handoff, renewal and growth phases--as one “steel thread” experience for customers that ties together customer-facing teams.
  • In December, the company announced a joint innovation offering with boutique consultancy Valuize called “Co.Lab,” which includes strategy, advisory, implementation and a working MetaCX prototype as a catalyst for B2B customer lifecycle transformation.
  • In January, the company launched MetaCX Integration Hub as the first in a three-part plan to enable B2B digital transformations by: 1) integrating data from CRM and other systems into a shared success plan; 2) composing functionality from contract management and other relevant tools into this experience; and 3) embedding these shared success plans into the digital experience of your choice, including a SaaS app.

Ross G.D. Fulton, founder and CEO of Valuize said:

“A technology platform that enables B2B software companies to fully unite with their customers across the entire customer lifecycle on a foundation of shared value realization has been desperately needed since the start of the subscription economy. I believe that platform has finally arrived with MetaCX.”

Customer Traction

“Our early customers share a vision to digitally transform their business by creating a digital layer between them and their key stakeholders, McCorkle added. “That could include customers, vendors, partners, or all of the above. What happens in this digital layer is nothing less than managing the essence of why the relationship was created in the first place: the definition and delivery of value and proof that it has been realized.”

MetaCX ended the fiscal year with 30+ customers, design partners, and companies in active evaluation. Particularly notable were F500 customers and prospects looking to MetaCX for shared success plans backed by live performance data as the foundation for joint value creation across important business ecosystems, including software, industrial manufacturing, and healthcare.

Thought leadership

  • In September, MetaCX produced an innovative weeklong digital event, “The Customer Room,” which featured 25 speakers and five Nashville-based musical guests.
  • In October, the company produced a groundbreaking primary research report titled “The State of Sales Methodologies” based on a survey of 500 SaaS revenue leaders.
  • In November, MetaCX launched “Revenue Revolutionaries,” a weekly podcast series hosted by co-founder Dave Duke, which features intimate conversations with CROs, CCOs and COOs with the courage and determination to challenge the status quo.
  • In January, the company published an e-book together with Salesforce called “The New North Star: Experience is the Method, Outcomes are the Goal.”
  • Over the course of the year, MetaCX published 70 blog posts, 16 podcasts and four e-books on timely and important issues including strategic planning for revenue resilience, selling and managing success on customer outcomes, change management, and more.

Nicole France, VP and principal analyst, Constellation Research said:

“Systematically improving customer experiences to build durable, mutually beneficial customer relationships requires a fundamentally different approach. Most CRM systems, and the companies that use them, shape their processes around leads, accounts and opportunities. While this may incorporate the needs of sellers, it doesn’t reflect the priorities or expectations of customers—especially once a deal is signed. A system organized around the ongoing relationship, rather than deals, and supported by an event-driven architecture triggered by customer actions, has the potential to revolutionize customer relationship management.”

Interested in learning more about MetaCX’s history? Check out the MetaCX timeline.

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