Experience is the Method, Outcomes are the Goal

January 12, 2021 | Written by Mathew Sweezey

Six months ago, a colleague and I at Salesforce asked a simple question: “Who is your customer now?” The question was designed to uncover shifts in how businesses plan to approach marketing and the customer experience in our post-pandemic world.

After we’d conducted interviews with numerous Chief Experience and Chief Customer Officers, we had our answer. The new customers value experiences, but only those experiences that lead to their desired outcomes. This notion is best expressed by a quote we heard in our interviews. We heard one executive tell us, “We have happy customers with great experiences leave all the time, and unhappy ones stay. The difference is the outcomes they receive.” Experiences are powerful, but only when they lead to the desired outcome. Experiences aren’t the goal, simply the method of achieving the goal.

Our research found businesses able to deliver customer outcomes to be winning more deals, retaining those customers longer, and seeing the shift to outcomes as the key to their future success. Our research, Experience The Shift really opened my eyes to the power of outcomes and drove me to seek out new methods and ways businesses could deliver them. On this journey, I was fortunate enough to meet the MetaCX team. 

Over the following months, the MetaCX team and I began to discuss what we were seeing in the market and both agreed on the future of outcomes. It was these conversations that led to a new collaboration and a deeper dive into how businesses could operationalize outcomes.

Today, I’m super excited to help introduce the fruits of those conversations, and a new ebook, Experience Is The Method, Outcomes Are The Goal.

In this ebook, you’ll find new research, case studies, quotes from business leaders, and a maturity model all designed to help you realize the power of outcomes and take your next steps towards becoming an outcome-focused organization.

In this ebook we cover:

  • New research showing the power of outcomes
  • The shift from the experience economy to the performance economy
  • The three principles of outcomes
  • New tactics to ensure outcome delivery
  • A maturity model to help you benchmark and plan your next steps

Experiences are powerful, but only when they produce the desired outcome. When a business is able to create an amazing experience that produces the desired outcome, they have a significant competitive advantage. This is the new competitive landscape we must prepare for. 

Are you ready?

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