From Revenue Revolutionaries to Value Builders

August 30, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

I set sail on the Revenue Revolutionaries podcast journey to create a space for genuine conversations with today’s best customer-focused leaders. Through MetaCX’s growth and the many conversations I’ve had, I’ve noticed that enterprise companies and the leaders within them are more focused on value than ever before. With this evolution, there is an opportunity to elevate the podcast to facilitate more conversations focused on value creation across a variety of roles and industries.  I am excited to announce a rebrand of the podcast from Revenue Revolutionaries to Value Builders.

Why Value Builders?

When I reflect on the conversations I’ve had to date, I think a lot about the tremendous amounts of value that customer focused leaders bring to their teams, customers, and organizations every day.  I have also had the good fortune to talk to several ‘big thinkers’ and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of leadership, sales, customer success, and experience all in the name of delivering value to the market.

The shared success series has turned out to be a collection of conversations that are rooted in understanding what some of today’s greatest business leaders have done, or are doing, to serve their organizations and customers at world-class levels with an understanding that making customers and employees successful is the ultimate goal.

The series has also provided a forum for having conversations that allow for looking at success through a variety of lenses. I have invited venture capitalists, consultants, and authors to join me - for some extremely thought-provoking discussions.  This has spawned some new thinking about the potential of the podcast and thus the rebrand.

So what can you expect from future casts? 

I’ll host conversations with today’s most critical thinkers and innovative executives who are revitalizing the business community with cutting-edge leadership techniques, visionary business models, commercial and social outcome-based strategies, and community-changing initiatives all in the name of value building.

With the rebrand, there will be new opportunities to share stories from a variety of perspectives on the topic of value building and I'll unpack its role in fostering successful business relationships.

I am excited to cast a wider net to share more conversations that tell the stories and share the wisdom of value builders.

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