Introducing MetaCX Lifecycles: Crafting an End-to-End B2B Customer Experience

September 21, 2020 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

Today is an exciting day at MetaCX. Capabilities that we’ve been discussing, designing, and building for months are finally generally available—including the much anticipated feature, MetaCX Lifecycles.

After many conversations with customers and respected B2B leaders, we realized that there was a gaping hole in the industry. Those responsible for managing revenue or customers didn’t have a way to create a connected digital experience that included the customer at every stage. Enter MetaCX Lifecycles.

Creating a Connected Digital Experience

MetaCX’s shiniest new feature gives B2B suppliers the tools to manage the entire customer experience from sales through renewal. Within the platform, you’re able to define lifecycle stages, create success plans aligned to every point along the journey, coordinate handoffs to ensure desired outcomes are communicated downstream, create teams aligned to every stage and transition, and ensure that your customers’ goals and objectives are kept at the center of every action plan.

By visualizing explicitly where a customer is, where they’ve been, and where they’re going, lifecycles create positive relationship momentum for both you and your buyers. These lifecycles also help buyers to anticipate what’s next, which has a positive effect in driving the relationship forward.

“It’s like MetaCX took what has been in my head and turned it into software,” said Tim Satterwhite, chief revenue officer at Terminus. “We see MetaCX as an enabling foundation for our Prospect Experience to Customer Experience (PX2CX) strategy where we orchestrate the entire prospect and customer experience around a set of promised outcomes that we can measure and prove. We’re really enthusiastic about the great potential of this exciting new company.”

Related Features and Functionality

Lifecycles is the flagship feature of our latest release, but in order to make it work in the world of B2B, we introduced a whole set of supporting features.

Templates: Produce success plan templates tailored to specific use cases and personas to simplify and scale outcomes-based selling and success. Gain control over the value you’re positioning to potential buyers and promising to current customers. 

Notifications: Build and maintain momentum and create shared accountability in a collaborative customer process by alerting stakeholders on both sides of the relationship about important actions or changes (or the lack of actions) in the deal management, handoff, and ongoing customer lifecycle stages that were otherwise difficult to detect.

Handoffs: Never fumble a handoff again by explicitly marking the transition from the sales process to post-sales delivery and success — and any other lifecycle stage change where new stakeholders are invited into the relationship. Handoffs help memorialize the moment, ensure effective knowledge transfer, and eliminate confusion about roles and next steps.

Moments: Celebrate shared achievements with prospects and customers by configuring and triggering beautifully designed branded moments. Welcome new customers, acknowledge key milestones, and recognize progress to build and reinforce goodwill with your customers.

Teams: Bring your customer and revenue teams to life with customizable team profile cards inside MetaCX that allow team members to share both practical and personal information with prospects and customers to help humanize the relationship.

Retention Warnings: Track leading indicators of outcome achievement and trigger early warnings of retention risk by measuring critical actions and user behaviors, including product adoption and usage and any other relationship signal on the customer journey.

“For all the innovation in B2C, we’ve seen little progress with B2B companies digitally transforming their customer experience,” said Scott McCorkle, co-founder and CEO of MetaCX. “This latest release of MetaCX is a milestone for both the company and the industry. Instead of the current B2B buying experience that is characterized by offline, disconnected stages, MetaCX transforms the buying it to one unified experience that’s integrated across the customer lifecycle. This creates differentiation the buyer will notice and value, which is what it means to compete on the basis of customer experience.”

Learn more about this product release in our latest press release or by requesting a demo!

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