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MetaCX Enhances Action Plans to Support Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

August 01, 2022 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

MetaCX is thrilled to announce the launch of a major product enhancement to its action plans feature. With more advanced use cases, including multi-stakeholder collaboration, MetaCX saw a strong need to advance the functionality.

If you’re unfamiliar with the MetaCX platform, you may be wondering—what does the action plans feature do?

Action plans give users the ability to construct step-by-step strategies aligned to the short and long term goals of an initiative or business relationship. Action plans are created in MetaCX bridges—co-owned, digital spaces where two or more organizations are able to come together to define, manage, and measure desired business outcomes. Once desired outcomes have been defined in a bridge, action plans are what outline a path to achievement—everything from onboarding plans to product utilization. An action item can be assigned to any stakeholder invited into a bridge, enabling true cross-organization collaboration.

Ready to see how it works? Let’s get into it.

Within a bridge, there is a specific section dedicated to action plans. Here, you can see all active action plans and their percentage of completion.

Action plans on a bridge

If you click into an action plan, a more detailed view is visible. Tasks follow a specific hierarchy and have due dates as well as assignees.

Action plan details

At any point in time, you can edit or add a task to better reflect what is needed to ensure shared success.

Editing an action plan

To support action plan progression, you can even provide further context and/or instruction by attaching assets to tasks.

Adding assets to tasks

Importantly, action plan details are not only found in individual bridges. Any action item that you’ve been assigned as a MetaCX user will show up at an aggregate level in the value section. You gain a comprehensive view of all the tasks you’re responsible for in one, central location.

Aggregate view of tasks

Strategic initiatives often require working collaboratively with multiple internal and external stakeholders. The action plans feature can help you align with a multitude of stakeholders simultaneously to ensure the collective achievement of your most desired outcomes. Request a demo to see the functionality in action!

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