MetaCX Launches Next Generation User Experience

November 29, 2021 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

Who doesn’t love a makeover? MetaCX is thrilled to announce the launch of our next generation user experience.

The inspiration behind the design overhaul stems from MetaCX’s vision to put value at the center of business relationships. Coupled with customer feedback, usability testing, and design best practices, MetaCX feels confident that this update will help users better collaborate with those in their ecosystem to define, manage, and measure value. Learn more about the details of the launch below.

Navigation Changes

When logging into MetaCX, there is now a menu at the top of the screen that divides the platform into three main areas—Value, Network, and Activity. You also have the option to filter by relationship type via a dropdown menu.

Within Value, there are sections for Initiatives, Metrics, and Milestones—essentially any feature that enables you to define value or measure its creation.

Within Network, there are sections for Companies and Bridges. The Companies section shows you all the organizations you’re connected with in MetaCX while the Bridges section shows you all the Bridges that have been created, regardless of company. By clicking on a specific company or Bridge, you open up a more detailed view.

The third area of the platform is dedicated to Activity and introduces entirely new functionality. Here you can view a live feed of the latest MetaCX activity including bridge views, comments, milestone status updates, and more.

Platform settings are also more easily accessible. To find the MetaReactor in order to instrument data or build signals, all you have to do is click on your company logo and utilize a dropdown menu.

Upcoming Releases

Under Value, a new section called Initiatives may have piqued your interest. While not yet available, Initiatives is an upcoming feature that will give users the ability to define, manage, and measure company initiatives in MetaCX. The feature will give you the ability to tie desired outcomes and individual projects to larger, more impactful campaigns. Stay tuned!

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