MetaCX on MetaCX (MoM)

MetaCX on MetaCX (MoM)

May 08, 2020 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

If you ask the average B2B business if their team uses the product they sell internally, you’ll likely be met with an indirect response or an answer so well rehearsed that you question its validity. The truth is that most B2B businesses, especially in the world of SaaS, don’t use what they sell–at least, not to the extent that they encourage and expect their customers to use the product in their own organizations.

Of course, for some suppliers, their product simply isn’t applicable to their business. But when it is and the company isn’t using it, watch out. It’s problematic for two reasons. First, if you do not see the value in your own product, perhaps you shouldn’t be selling it in the first place. Second, making your product a cornerstone of your business gives you firsthand knowledge of what’s working, what needs to be adjusted, where opportunities lie, and more. It’s the ultimate way to garner user feedback right within your own four walls.

At MetaCX, we live by this sentiment and use the platform we’ve painstakingly built within most every department. Are we perfect? No, but the simple act of using our product on a daily basis within sales, customer success, and marketing have helped shape MetaCX into the platform it is today.

Here’s how we use MetaCX on MetaCX:

Collaborative Deal Management

MetaCX sales reps know that buyers are weary of investing in yet another software platform, especially in the current economy. Our AEs move deals forward by proving how the MetaCX platform fulfills the needs of our target market.

To build trust in the sales process, our AEs use MetaCX to collaborate with prospects around their desired business outcomes–all within a branded, shared space called a bridge. By providing visible proof of our commitment to our buyer’s business goals, we’re being held accountable for the value we deliver post-sale. That commitment eases our buyers’ concerns and moves deals forward.

Our AEs use bridges to collaborate with prospects around success plans, share supporting assets, define contract terms, and more. The response to such a refreshingly different sales approach has been overwhelmingly positive.

Interestingly enough, we have the added benefit of showing our prospects how they can leverage MetaCX by using MetaCX ourselves. It’s all so very meta (pun intended).

Shared Success Plan

Coordinated Handoffs

We wish we could say that the MetaCX team is flawless, with every department working together in perfect harmony. Without a system in place, however, it’s nearly impossible for everyone within an organization to be on the same page.

Luckily, we have the help of MetaCX. Once a deal has closed, our goal is to keep outcomes at the center of the relationship throughout the entire customer lifecycle. As a deal transitions toward closed won, the sales rep linked to the deal invites one of our CSMs into the bridge to understand the customer’s expectations and desires. The bridge then serves as a record where everything related to the deal is captured and relayed to our internal team.

By ensuring smooth handoffs, we have been able to accelerate customer time to value, optimize resources, and experience some seriously positive internal mojo. In many organizations, the dynamic between sales and customer success teams is strained and sometimes even hostile. With the help of MetaCX, internal teams like ours can work together to provide great customer experiences during every lifecycle stage.

Delivery Against Outcomes

Proof of value is always a concern when you’re a business that relies on annual renewals like MetaCX. It’s a difficult thing to tackle, making the renewal period an ambiguous guessing game for most SaaS suppliers. Fortunately for us, the proof is in the platform.

After the handoff, MetaCX’s robust data architecture allows us to track the realization of value. Through the platform, we capture and organize customer activity across our CRM, website, marketing automation platform, and of course, MetaCX, to gain a complete, unified view of the customer experience. By doing so, we can prove that we’ve delivered on the promises made during the sales cycle and lock in future growth.

Using our own product on a daily basis has afforded our team the ability to incorporate internal feedback directly into the creation of the platform. Not only that, but we’ve experienced the scenarios where MetaCX can provide value and a competitive edge. We’re excited to share our insights with future customers.

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