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It’s All in How You Use It

It’s All in How You Use It: Why Product Adoption is the Price of Entry for Outcome Achievement

You can’t win if you don’t play. That was the clever advertising slogan designed to lure consumers to purchase a lottery ticket back in the day. Of course, statistically speaking, the conceit was a bit hollow when you considered the economics of this particular game.

Sharing Benchmarks Early

Sharing Benchmarks Early Creates a “Brain-Friendly” Customer Experience

Most agree it’s important to manage customer expectations. We’ve all had high hopes at one time or another only to have them dashed when things didn’t measure up. So it’s intuitively obvious that we should be careful when it comes to managing our customers’ expectations.

5 Key Takeaways from The Customer Room

5 Key Takeaways from The Customer Room

MetaCX’s first-ever virtual event, The Customer Room, premiered last week and we’re still on a high from the experience. It was a thrill to host such a diverse mix of industry analysts, thought leaders, venture capitalists, and start-up experts who were eager to discuss the future of B2B.

Introducing MetaCX Lifecycles

Introducing MetaCX Lifecycles: Crafting an End-to-End B2B Customer Experience

Today is an exciting day at MetaCX. Capabilities that we’ve been discussing, designing, and building for months are finally generally available—including the much anticipated feature, MetaCX Lifecycles.

Take the Lead

Customers Want You to Take the Lead. Here's Why

Any parent will confirm that, despite often vigorous protests to the contrary, children actually want to be held accountable. Similarly, understanding that customers often want to be held accountable can be a powerful, mobilizing realization for anyone in a revenue-generating or customer-facing role.

Speaker Q&A

The Customer Room: Speaker Q&A

In anticipation of The Customer Room beginning on September 21st, MetaCX did a Q&A series with a few of our amazing speakers! Check out their responses and learn more about the event.

B2B Customer Value Transformations Are on the Rise

B2B Customer Value Transformations Are on the Rise

Winston Churchill said that you should never let a good crisis go to waste. What I believe he meant was that the most difficult moments are also the ones that create impetus for positive change—because in the absence of crisis, it is much harder to justify disrupting the status quo.

Q&A with Anand Tharanathan

Q&A with Anand Tharanathan, MetaCX’s new Chief Product Officer!

Yesterday, MetaCX announced the appointment of Anand Tharanathan to the newly created role of Chief Product Officer. Anand joins MetaCX from Facebook where, as the head of user experience research, he led end-to-end product research. To get to know Anand and his background a little bit better, we asked him a few questions.

Planning for Revenue Resilience

Planning for Revenue Resilience. Download Our Free 2021 Planning Framework.

The abrupt arrival of pumpkin spice is always a sure sign that planning season is upon us—and this cycle promises to be particularly consequential. With the economy sputtering and all eyes on customer retention, companies are taking a hard look at their plans going into next year.