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How MetaCX Measures Value

MetaCX tracks the exchange of value between organizations by instrumenting and contextualizing multidirectional data. Within the network, companies are able to connect with organizations both upstream and downstream in their value chain to monitor value delivery over time.

MetaCX Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Certification

The MetaCX team is excited to announce that we are now SOC 2 Type 2 certified! In order for an organization to be SOC 2 “certified”, it must demonstrate to a third-party auditing firm that every control of the security framework is met satisfactorily.

Value Builders Ep. 37 - Aaron Fulkerson

Aaron Fulkerson, GM of Customer Success and Services products at ServiceNow, joins the podcast to discuss the strategy of creating an operating model for customer centricity, the emerging trend of value experiences, and value building through leadership.

How MetaCX is Ensuring Vendor Value Delivery

Many companies spend a large percentage of their operating budgets on third party products without proof of performance. In order to protect your bottom line, you need to create accountability for the achievement of your desired outcomes.

Value Builders Ep. 36 - Brian LaFaille

Brian LaFaille, Global Lead - SaaS Customer Success Programs at of Google sits down to discuss value mapping, value stories, and the power of change management and storytelling.

MetaCX for ESG

In the coming years, the demand for accountability and sophistication in ESG strategies will only continue to grow. MetaCX can be your partner in developing frameworks for data-driven, outcomes-based results that drive value for your company and your stakeholders.

Value Builders Ep. 35 - Nicci Bosco

Nicci Bosco, Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, joins the Value Builders podcast to share her thoughts on building trust with customers through strong listening skills, using perspective to solve problems, and making investments to serve veterans at LinkedIn

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

The pandemic has presented an opportunity to reflect on what matters most in our personal and professional lives. In business, it has created an opportunity to reflect on how companies are managing customers, and it has given customers a window of opportunity to re-evaluate their supplier relationships.

Value Builders Ep. 34 - Michael Sachs

In this episode of Value Builders, Michael Sachs, Head of Customer Success Value Methodology & Strategy at Slack, sits down to share how he thinks about the language of value while explaining how organizations can use it to unify to effectively manage customers.

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