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Cassie Young, Venture Capital, Customer Success

Value Builders Ep. 47 - Cassie Young

Cassie Young of Primary Venture Partners on using customer success fundamentals to catapult a venture portfolio to success, why retention is the cheapest form of growth, and why the CCO is on a trajectory to be the new CRO.

What Makes MetaCX Different

What Makes MetaCX Different

MetaCX is a multi-stakeholder platform that enables organizations to build value networks that align internal and external stakeholders on shared initiatives and measure progress toward desired outcomes.

David Ehrlichman, Author, Impact Networks

Value Builders Ep. 46 - David Ehrlichman

David Ehrlichman, the author of Impact Networks, sits down to discuss the power of using impact networks to create a new frontier for overcoming today's biggest social and environmental challenges.

David Moskowitz, Customer Business Value, MongoDB

Value Builders Ep. 45 - David Moskowitz

David Moskowitz, WW Director - Customer Business Value at MongoDB, joins Dave to share his thoughts on building a full lifecycle value practice, introducing Total Value of Ownership, and using coaching as a technique to unite Sales, Customer Success, and Value Consulting.

Chris Koehler, Value Builders, MetaVerse™, Value Creation

Value Builders Ep. 44 - Chris Koehler

Listen to Chris Koehler, CMO at Box, share his thoughts on the MetaVerse™, bringing customer success experience to marketing, and marketing’s role in value creation.

Nathan Stuck - Social Impact, Value, B-Corp, Salesforce Partner

Value Builders Ep. 43 - Nathan Stuck

Listen to Nathan Stuck of Ad Victoriam Solutions discuss creating social value through profit and purpose, working within the Salesforce partner ecosystem as a catalyst for change and accountability, and driving new social impact initiatives within a company.

Ellen Terchila, Chief Customer Officer, Electric, Net Dollar Retention, Value Creation

Value Builders Ep. 42 - Ellen Terchila

Ellen Terchila, Chief Customer Officer at Electric, joins the podcast to discuss how she is designing her team for strong net dollar retention, the importance of being a step ahead of customers, and hiring for growth.

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MetaCX Launches Next Generation User Experience

Who doesn’t love a makeover? MetaCX is thrilled to announce the launch of our next generation user experience. The inspiration behind the design overhaul stems from MetaCX’s vision to put value at the center of business relationships.

Paul Henderson, Director, Outcome Leaders & Author, Income from Outcomes

Value Builders Ep. 41 - Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson of Outcome Leaders joins the podcast to discuss the launch of his new book, Income from Outcomes, and the opportunity customer success leaders have to tap into unrealized income through the development of an outcome program.