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The Friendship Bridge

The Friendship Bridge: A Pretend, but Highly Relatable Use Case

If you’re new to MetaCX, a bridge is a shared space where suppliers and buyers can come together to collaborate around outcomes, success plans, assets, metrics, and more. But what if bridges were used to manage personal relationships?

Kate Vitasek

RevRev Ep. 20 - Kate Vitasek

This week, I sat down with University of Tennessee faculty member and creator of the Vested business model, Kate Vitasek, to discuss vested outsourcing and how it is revolutionizing the world of outsourcing with an outcome-based mindset.

Monique LaRue and Ja'Rod Morris

RevRev Ep. 19 - Monique LaRue and Ja'Rod Morris

Shared success takes on new meaning this week as I sit down with Monique LaRue and Ja’Rod Morris to discuss the launch of their new group, National Black Customer Success Professionals (NBCSP).

My Superpower at Work is ‘Motherhood’

My Superpower at Work is ‘Motherhood’

As a new mom who breastfeeds and works from home, I thought I would be at a disadvantage in the workforce. It turns out, motherhood has actually made me a better employee.

RevRev Ep. 18

RevRev Ep. 18 - Ross Fulton

In this episode of the new RevRev Shared Success Series, I sat down with Ross Fulton to discuss the critical topic of success planning. Ross helps us understand what success planning is, why it’s important, and what the future of success planning will look like.

A Year of Notable Firsts

A Year of Notable Firsts

The launch of CXLayer is an important milestone and comes on the heels of a year of notable firsts and company momentum. On such a landmark occasion, it’s important to look back and reflect on all the steps, big and small, that brought MetaCX to where it is today.

Karen Mangia

RevRev Ep. 17 - Karen Mangia

Karen Mangia has run the gamut of professional experiences to turn her passion for customer success into becoming a global customer experience and voice of customer leader, a 3x best selling author, and a TEDx speaker.

Car driving down road

Life in the Fast Lane: My First Year at MetaCX

When I started as the 30th employee and only marketer at MetaCX, I had no idea what was in store for me. I’ve been in the start-up world for most of my career so I had certain expectations, but as 2020 was sure to remind us, sometimes life has a way of surprising us.

RevRev Ep. 16 - Dave Jackson

RevRev Ep. 16 - Dave Jackson

In this episode, I chat with Dave Jackson, CEO of TheCustomer.Co.  Dave is a forward-thinking veteran of the customer management discipline and software industry who is constantly pushing the boundaries of customer management strategy.