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RevRev Ep. 6 – Joe Kuntz

Joe Kuntz, CRO at Jobvite, joined me for this week’s episode of Revenue Revolutionaries to discuss how he thinks about coaching team members and customers, what it takes to sustain a great culture over time, the key to finding balance as a CRO, and the power of embracing servant leadership.

Five Ways to Keep Your Prospects Engaged During the Holiday Slump

‘Tis the season of stalled sales cycles and distracted buyers. How do you keep your prospects engaged this time of year? That’s sometimes easier said than done… but MetaCX is here to share a few tips.

RevRev Ep. 5 – Michelle Curless

This week on Revenue Revolutionaries, Michelle Curlees, CCO at Cheetah Digital, joined me to talk about how she thinks about the ‘art and science’ of customer management, the power of a ‘red-bow’ customer experience, and the keys to building strong customer relationships in order to achieve retention and growth goals.

In Customer Experience, Accidents Happen in the Intersections

Once a deal closes, much of the goodwill and momentum generated in the sales cycle is lost with the post-sales hand-off. As new stakeholders enter the picture, it becomes a jump ball or, worse, a dropped ball.

MetaCX Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Certification

The MetaCX team is excited to announce that we are now SOC 2 Type 1 certified! In today’s threat landscape, data protection and security aren’t negotiable. These are practices, values even, that we have baked into the core of our team.

RevRev Ep. 4 – Tim Satterwhite

This week on Revenue Revolutionaries, Tim Satterwhite, Chief Revenue Officer at Terminus, joined me to talk about his first time experience as a CRO and how he embraces ‘human-first’ leadership strategies to build his teams and future leaders.

Q&A with Jill Chiara, MetaCX’s New Chief Revenue Officer

Earlier this week, MetaCX announced its appointment of Jill Chiara to the newly created role of chief revenue officer. In this role, Jill will lead the sales, customer success, and professional service teams. Jill brings 20 years of experience at the SVP and VP level with leading companies like Drift, Crimson Hexagon, and Forrester.

Why Transformation is Such a Dirty Word (and how to make it far less scary)

MetaCX is different–and unapologetically so. We bear this extra burden because the way B2B revenue organizations have attempted to take on the challenge of managing renewable revenue is, quite frankly, wrong.

RevRev Ep. 3 – Ziv Peled

Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer at AppsFlyer, shares his thoughts on driving conversations internally with an engineering team to create a customer-centric culture and how to think about value delivery across an expansive product suite.



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