Q&A with Brett Crossley

Q&A with Brett Crossley, MetaCX’s New VP of Services & Success

July 31, 2020 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

Yesterday, MetaCX announced the appointment of Brett Crossley as vice president of services and success (read the press release here). Brett joins MetaCX from Richardson Sales Performance (formerly known as Sales Performance International), a global leader in sales training and consulting, where he was vice president of software development. Brett has a long history in customer facing roles and brings a fresh perspective to the team.

To get to know Brett and his background a little bit better, we asked him a few questions. Below are his answers!

Q: What were you doing before joining MetaCX?

A lot of things. Immediately before joining MetaCX, I was the VP of Engineering at Richardson Sales Performance where I built their SaaS sales training platform. Prior to that, I was the co-founder of several startups, with most of them having pretty successful exits. It’s been fun.

Q: How did you end up in the world of customer success?

While I’ve never thought of myself as a customer success person in the way that it’s been conventionally defined, I’ve been performing the function one way or another for much of my career. I’ve been involved in startups for a long time, so I’ve seen first hand how important it is to connect the needs of all the users of technology with the wider goals of the enterprise. I’ve also been directly involved with customer implementations and success for years – even as a startup grows, you still wear multiple hats.

Q: What made you want to join MetaCX?

I know and like Jake Sorofman personally, and he introduced me to Scott. Scott’s experience and vision comes through clearly and made me want to join MetaCX in solving this big problem of customer lifecycle management in a different and better way. The MetaCX opportunity felt big, bold, and important.

Q: What has been your biggest lesson as a CS leader?

Listening to the people on my team and learning the different skills and perspectives they bring. We have great people with unique talents, strengths, and knowledge.

Q: What about MetaCX’s approach to customer lifecycle management intrigued you?

I liked the idea of starting with measurable outcomes as the focal point. It helps frame the entire lifecycle and shines light on not just what you are doing for customers, but why it matters.

Q: Since you’ve joined MetaCX, what has been the thing that has surprised you most?

The MetaCX team has been so open and accessible that I didn’t have any huge surprises upon arriving here, but I guess the thing that has really struck me is how invested everyone is in the concepts that we build into software. Our own use of our tools and that line of thinking helps frame everything we do. The company is walking the talk in an impressive way.

Q: What are your goals as MetaCX’s new VP of CS and services?

More than anything, my goal is to help us make our customers truly successful. I think this means more than just making sure they are happy using the software. We need to actually move the needle for their outcomes, and continue to make sure that the outcomes really matter to the business.

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