Q&A with Max Hamel

Q&A with Max Hamel, MetaCX’s New VP of Product Management

January 07, 2021 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

Earlier this week, MetaCX announced its appointment of Max Hamel to the newly created role of vice president of product management. Read the full press release here.

To get to know Max a little bit better, we asked him a few questions. See his answers below!

Q: What were you doing before joining MetaCX?

I was the Chief Product Officer for a leading marketplace PIM (Product Information Management) provider, Amber Engine, LLC. Prior, I had product leadership roles focusing on such technologies as biometrics, ultrasonic, capacitive touchscreens, peripherals, and embedded capacitive touch in displays.

Q: What drew you to MetaCX?

MetaCX’s vision is really what sold me. There is a need in the B2B market for a collaborative, outcome-based platform for managing the customer lifecycle that is highly underserved. I was also drawn to MetaCX’s seasoned management team and the incredible company-wide team of broad industry expertise.

Q: What skill do you think matters most in a product manager?

It depends. But in general, I see two areas of focus. Firstly, the ability to see a rooted need that others might not; then, materialize and articulate the market need to assure its adoption with stakeholder alignment. In other words, focus on rooted, long-lasting needs that shape industries to advance versus going after a trend or fashion of sorts. Secondly, the ability to sustain product adoption and advancement with an existing install base and/or revenue or profits. This is a completely different challenge, especially if the company materially relies on the product’s adoption performance to sustain financial and market goals. The challenge of either, new products and/or mature products, is how and when will the portfolio of the products managed significantly impact the value delivery to the customer and ultimately the outcome stakeholders.

Q: Since you’ve joined MetaCX, what has been the thing that has surprised you most?

I’ve been shocked at how incredibly intelligent, kind, highly focused, and supportive everyone is to assure we collectively advance the company as a whole versus a singular more narrow group of persons and/or objective.

Q: What are your goals as MetaCX’s new VP of Product Management?

I have a few different goals as VP of Product Management. I want to assure product-market fit is sustainable, product enablements meet demand and sustain longevity by the customer, and the product delivers meaningful returns to all stakeholders.

Q: What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I collect a few things including antique maps that date from the 1500s to the early 1900s and model trains, specifically HO scale German Marklin. Over the years, the collection has become significant! I also still love Lego’s, especially building and creating structures with our twin boys.

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