RevRev Ep. 13 – Mathew Sweezey

January 20, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

This is the first episode of a new RevRev series called ‘Big Thinkers’. In this series, I talk to some of today’s greatest business minds who are at the forefront of customer management and experience research and innovation.

To kick off the series I sat down with Salesforce Director of Market Strategy, Mathew Sweezey. I collaborated with Mat and MetaCX President, Jake Sorofman recently for an ebook project titled The New North Star: Experience is the Method, Outcomes are the Goal. In this episode, we teardown the ebook and discuss how the most innovative customer and revenue leaders are embracing a new outcome-based mindset alongside their customer experience strategies.

Download the ebook here.

About Mathew Sweezey

Mathew Sweezey is the Director of Market Strategy for Salesforce, and author of The Context Marketing Revolution (HBR 2020). He is regarded as one of the leading minds on the future of marketing and his visionary insights into consumer behavior, technology, and new business strategies have changed the way startups, Fortune 500, and nonprofit organizations alike find customers, break through, and build modern brands. In addition to his work with brands, Mathew is the host of the award-winning podcast The Electronic Propaganda Society and an accomplished writer having written for The Economist, Forbes, HBR The Observer, and Adage.

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