RevRev Ep. 16 - Dave Jackson

February 10, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

This is the second episode of a new RevRev series called 'Big Thinkers' in which I talk to some of today’s greatest business minds who are at the forefront of customer management and experience research and innovation.

In this episode, I chat with Dave Jackson, CEO of TheCustomer.Co.  Dave is a forward-thinking veteran of the customer management discipline and software industry who is constantly pushing the boundaries of customer management strategy.

Tune in to hear Dave share his thoughts on what it really means to deliver value to customers, why thinking in siloes is detrimental to every organization, and why we must build out organizations with an outside-in mindset. He also introduces the idea of ‘value elements’ and shares how he thinks about the importance of making progress with customers at every step of the customer journey.

About Dave Jackson

David Jackson is the founder and CEO of TheCustomer.Co, which helps B2B SaaS companies profitably win, satisfy, retain and grow their chosen customers better than the competition.

Prior to founding TheCustomer.Co, he founded, led, and grew customer feedback specialists Clicktools, where he served as CEO for 15 years. Founded in 2000, Clicktools was one of the UK’s first true SaaS companies and one of the first to recognize the importance of customer success, appointing their first CSM in 2005. He led the company through two transactions, selling 49.9% to Survey Monkey in 2010 and 100% to Callidus Cloud in 2014.

David has served in board, advisory, and interim roles in customer success for a number of SaaS companies. Much of David’s time is spent with senior managers advising them on how to design and build companies from the outside-in.  He has had many articles published and is an author and contributor to several books.  One of his books, Dynamic Organisations: The Challenge of Change published in 1997, was the first to describe a holistic approach to building successful, customer-focused organizations.

In the free time, he is able to scrape together, David enjoys time with his family, good food and wine, and watercolor painting.  He is pretty good at two out of the three!

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