RevRev Ep. 23 - Harvey Dunham

April 21, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

Where do you go to manage and co-create value with your customers? No, I’m not talking about an internal only CRM system. I’m talking about WITH your customers?  To date, there hasn’t been a place where both sides, the supplier and the customer, can go to manage a relationship across the life of the relationship.  It’s time we talk more about what this can and should look like.

In this episode, I sit down with Harvey Dunham at SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association) to discuss the idea of creating a central ‘dashboard’ to collaborate and work collectively with customers to manage work, track progress and deliver value.  The concept of a dashboard is more than graphs and charts in this context, it’s a surefire way to develop stronger and more focused relationships with your customers on a path to customer success.

About Harvey Duhnam

After a remarkable 35-year career with Schneider Electric, Harvey Dunham serves as the Managing Director, Strategy and Marketing for the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), a nonprofit professional association based in Chicago.

During Harvey’s time at Schneider Electric, Harvey was a Strategic Account Manager (SAM), managed SAMs, and supported SAMs in developing solutions for their global strategic accounts, both inside and outside the United States.

Harvey's last  position at Schneider was VP of Global Solutions, Buildings Business, where he led the global Life Sciences, Retail and Sales Transformation teams globally to help in achieving Schneider’s vision of becoming the global leader in energy management. While in this position he led a team which piloted and deployed a new solution and consultative selling methodology which trained over 100 people and developed $1.9 billion backlog in new opportunities.

Harvey served as Schneider’s country president in Poland as well as South Africa, where he had responsibilities over sales, business development, project management and P&L management.

Thanks to his impressive and long career at Schneider Electric, as well as military service, Harvey’s areas of expertise include negotiation, presentation skills, facilitation and training, coaching and collaboration as well as process improvement.

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