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RevRev Ep. 28 - Richard Owen

June 03, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

Where are we in the customer experience evolution cycle?

How should we think about NPS in 2021?

What does voice of customer innovation look like in the coming years? 

How has the pandemic supercharged our motivations to innovate?

I often talk about the need to embrace innovation in customer management as I believe it’s the best way to ultimately serve customers to the best of our abilities.  I also believe it’s important to understand business history and work to find answers to the questions I outline above.  In this episode of Revenue Revolutionaries I had the unique opportunity to sit down with one of the co-creators of NPS, Richard Owen.  Richard has been working in the heart of customer experience for the majority of his career and is credited with materially advancing CX strategy through his NPS work.  In this discussion, Richard reflects on the evolution of NPS, the role it has served in shaping customer experience strategy, and the ways it can be used as a catalyst for CX innovation in the future.

About Richard Owen

Richard Owen is one of the best-known thought leaders in the Customer Experience industry. While CEO at Satmetrix, his team led the development of the Net Promoter Score methodology with Fred Reichheld, which created the most widely used approach to measuring customer experience in the world. Together with Dr Laura Brooks he co-authored “Answering the ultimate question” which quickly became the “how to” guide for NPS practitioners. Richard launched which was supported by over 20,000 subscribers; the NPS Certification program with over 6,000 companies taking part and a conference series that ran for 10 years and 20 conferences.

Today he is the founder and CEO of OCX Cognition, a consulting and data science company using machine learning to create real time NPS and customer health performance data.

Richard has enjoyed a 30-year career centered around the use of technology to transform business operations. As an executive at Dell Computer Corporation, he oversaw the re-engineering of the companies supply chain operations, the growth of Dell’s consumer business in Japan and, as VP of Online, the scaling of the world’s largest electronic commerce business of the 1990s. He has led two software companies to successful exits, with AvantGo (mobile enterprise software) achieving a public listing on the Nasdaq and Satmetrix, the cloud software co-creator of NPS, sold to NICE Systems. Richard has held several board positions in both public and private companies and has served on compensation, audit and special board committees.

An active venture investor, he most recently joined the board of Ajua, an innovative pioneer in customer data based in Nairobi, Kenya. Having lived in Japan, the UK and the USA, he is a true international business thinker and Africa is a new and exciting passion for him.

Richard holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Nottingham, England, and an MBA From the MIT Sloan School of Management. He lives with his wife Susan and son Alex in Scottsdale, Arizona and in London, England.

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