RevRev Ep. 29 - Mary-Beth Donovan

June 18, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

With a relentless focus on being mission-driven, driving internal alignment, and putting value realization and outcome management in the heart of customer success strategy, Mary-Beth Donovan is pulling all of the right levers to help guide VMware’s digital transformation to the cloud.

In this episode of the podcast, I sat down with Mary-Beth to discuss how she uses a core set of pillars to make sure her team, and VMware as a whole, has the right tools and knowledge to be effective.  From developing the right set of metrics to run the business and measure customer performance to establishing critical frameworks for customer health monitoring and success planning, she shares her work and perspective on what it takes to deliver customer success at scale.  Mary and I also discuss the evolving trend of value management roles and how she is thinking about the best ways to drive value realization at scale through education and conducting the right conversations with customers.

About Mary-Beth Donovan

Mary-Beth has been recognized for her expertise in leading customer success change management through business transformation to subscription, influencing adoption of recurring revenue best practices, building teams, designing and launching operational frameworks, and delivering actionable insights enabling growth.

Mary-Beth Donovan is the Vice President, Customer Success Operations for the Global Customer Success Organization at VMware. In this role, Mary-Beth is responsible for strategy and operational execution of the Customer Success portfolio, committed to driving value realization and excellence in customer’s experience with VMware products and services.

Since joining in June 2020, Mary-Beth has launched the Customer Success Operations team, designing, hiring, establishing the operational foundation for the now centralized Global Customer Success Org. Mary-Beth led the delivery design of VMware’s Success 360, and methodology best practices focused on consumption, retention, and health of our customers. The team is implementing proactive, prescriptive, and predictive capabilities to manage customer’s outcomes, scale customer success coverage, and grow the business.

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