RevRev Ep. 3 – Ziv Peled

October 28, 2020 | Written by Dave Duke

Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer at AppsFlyer, shares his thoughts on driving conversations internally with an engineering team to create a customer-centric culture and how to think about value delivery across an expansive product suite. Listen to the full episode below.

Episode Key Takeaways

1. Customer experience is everything – The product experience, the marketing experience, the buying experience, the customer management experience, etc… all influence the trajectory of a customer relationship. Companies must embrace the importance of a great CX and commit to creating a memorable cross-functional experience across the lifecycle.

2. CCOs must push the engineering/product team to understand the customer – Ziv shares his take on the role a CCO and his/her organization plays in ensuring the organization understands the jobs the customers are trying to do with the product.

3. Technology can help communicate customer needs internally – Ziv highlights how he leverages technology to record and share customer conversations to improve internal communication to make sure internal stakeholders, product and engineering specifically, understand the customer perspective.

4. Understanding your product suite is key to value delivery – A large product suite is ‘heaven’ for a customer success team according to Ziv. He explains that a large product suite provides an opportunity to correctly align the product to a customer’s desired outcomes. Customer Success Managers need to be able to clearly articulate why a specific product offering needs to be used to help the customer achieve their goals.

5. The ‘honeymoon’ stage is a critical period of time in the lifecycle – Ziv outlines how he thinks about the onboarding stage of the lifecycle as the ‘honeymoon’ stage. The customer will always remember the onboarding stage. It’s a critical stage after a new partnership is formed. In the honeymoon stage, you must ‘wow’ the customer and this can come in various forms but organizations should always be looking for opportunities to make a positive impression with the customer and build trust.

6. Ask the question, “does the customer want to speak to you again?” – When creating your customer experience Ziv suggests putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and asking the question, “do I want to speak to my supplier again?”. This is a great lens for thinking about the importance of every customer interaction and the experience that is being delivered.

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