RevRev Ep. 30 - Irvine Sloan

July 07, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

Building a strategic account management team and function from scratch is no easy task but Irvine Sloan, VP of Strategic Account Management, has tackled it head-on at Duke Energy Corporation to lay a foundation for putting the business in a stronger position to serve customers.

'Superpowers' have been a key ingredient to building Duke Energy’s strategic account management team and strategy. On this episode of the podcast, hear Irvine share how he thinks about building his team through a curated collection of skill sets to ensure they are in the best position to serve and deliver value to customers.

Irvine discusses how he thinks about meeting the customer where they are to drive alignment between Duke’s vision for the customer and the customer’s needs. He sees this as being critical to ensuring Duke Energy remains competitive in the energy market.

He shares his vision for helping customers expand beyond the core Duke Energy products and services. He elaborates on what he’s driving with his team to expand customer relationships into more community and diversity and inclusion-related initiatives - all underneath the umbrella of working diligently to deliver on a big vision for customers.

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