Steve Sanchez, Vice President, Customer Success, Gong - Podcast interview

RevRev Ep. 31 - Steve Sanchez

July 08, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

What does customer success look like at a hyper-growth company like Gong?

Well, there’s nobody better to ask than Gong’s VP of Customer Success, Steve Sanchez.

In this episode of Revenue Revolutionaries, Steve gives a peek into what has fueled the Gong business to greatness. He shares how creating raving fans is the #1 operating principle for the company alongside his charter to build customer loyalty through value delivery.

Steve also explains how the revenue intelligence innovations Gong is introducing to the market are helping his team innovate and stay focused on the needs of their customers. The technology is opening up new opportunities for the business to focus on reality (i.e. real conversations) and spend less time on opinions which have created a powerful dynamic that is driving improved internal alignment.

He touches on the work he’s doing to build the success planning muscle through architecting a scalable strategy that reflects on the things that have been done to make customers successful in the past. He introduces the idea of creating an opinionated infrastructure for his team so Customer Success Managers can understand and serve their customers better.

Dave and Steve also discuss the learnings Steve has extracted from the pandemic. He opens up about the importance of finding balance and creating room for team members and customers to find balance as well. The conversation wraps up with Steve making a prediction about the future of customer success in public markets and offering up some advice to leaders on how to ensure a team is set up for success from the get-go.

It’s a power-packed conversation chock-full of ideas and learnings that can help any customer-focused leader improve and grow.

About Steve Sanchez

Steve is the Vice President of Customer Success at Gong, a Revenue Intelligence platform transforming how customer teams run their business.

Over the past decade, he has specialized in building or leading customer success teams at high-growth sales and marketing technology companies.

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