Brian Hall, President and Founder and Lauren Decker, Senior Consultant - Podcast interview

RevRev Ep. 32 - Brian Hall and Lauren Decker

July 20, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

Is your product marketing team talking to customers?

In this episode of Revenue Revolutionaries, I sit down with Brian Hall and Lauren Decker of Carema Consulting to unpack this very important strategic question and others while discussing the opportunity organizations have to capitalize on the power of product marketing and customer success collaboration.

Lauren stresses the importance of connecting the product marketing, and the marketing team as a whole, to customers to develop strong and productive messaging. You will also hear Lauren and Brian share their perspective on how journey mapping needs to evolve to become more customer-centric. With a nod to Clayton Christensen, Brain shares his perspective on the evolution of journey mapping and how organizations should think about the opportunity to understand the job customers are trying to do and then build journeys for customers around the customer’s job in collaboration with the customer.

About Brian Hall
Brian Hall has over 25 years of experience growing revenue at founder-led B2B SaaS and technology companies. His expertise in building and leading customer success organizations is informed by his experience in marketing, sales, product management, product marketing and professional services with early- and growth-stage technology companies.

Brian started Carema Consulting to help SaaS companies navigate the customer success pitfalls that inevitably happen when starting and scaling a business. In his role as President and Founder, he works closely with customers’ leadership teams to uncover their most important opportunities and challenges. Leaning on his experience, Brian builds out and helps implement strategies and tactics that address these opportunities and challenges, with a particular focus on achieving account expansion.

Brian is an Entrepreneur in Residence with both Sales Assembly and growth accelerator VentureSCALE; a Mentor at coworking accelerator Workbox; and a co-founder of the Chicago Customer Success Leadership Group.

Outside of work, Brian looks to combine his passions for golf, running, travel, and food & drink. In fact, the name Carema Consulting is in reference to an Italian municipality and especially favored wine-producing area in Piedmont.

About Lauren Decker

Lauren Decker has spent the last 10 years executing and leading product marketing at high-growth SaaS companies. Her integrated approach to product marketing is informed by experience leading product management and brand management functions at B2B start-ups.

As Carema Consulting’s product marketing consultant, Lauren works with clients to develop strategic messaging for their product solutions and lay the foundation for their product marketing practice using proven go-to-market frameworks that improve internal communication, enable client-facing teams to confidently solve customer problems, and increase product adoption.

Lauren is a member of High Alpha’s executive network, High Alpha Navigators.

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys spending time with her husband and son, Owen. She spends as much time as possible outside and can often be found on a run with Owen along for the ride in his stroller.

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