RevRev Ep. 4 – Tim Satterwhite

November 04, 2020 | Written by Dave Duke

This week on Revenue Revolutionaries, Tim Satterwhite, Chief Revenue Officer at Terminus, joined me to talk about his first time experience as a CRO and how he embraces ‘human-first’ leadership strategies to build his teams and future leaders. He also elaborates on how he thinks about the importance of educating and advocating in the sales process and earning the right to partner with new customers.

Episode Key Takeaways

1. ‘Human-first’ leadership is the key to building trust and confidence – Tim’s experience has taught him the importance of building trust and confidence within his teams through understanding the impact of work, success and failure, on team members. If the people piece is out of order you greatly reduce your chances for success. Communication and empathy are critical and the pandemic has shined a spotlight on this in recent months. 

2. The right environment must be created for leadership development – Tim shares his perspective on the importance of developing future leaders. He believes that the right environment must be created to empower team members to share new ideas and take ownership of initiatives. Without the right environment, it’s very difficult to develop leadership talent.

3. Traditional selling is dead – Sales strategies and tactics have evolved and now more than sales teams must embrace the role of educating and advocating future customers in the sales process. It’s critical to help a prospect do the proper diligence to help them create a path to partnership.

4. Ruthless prioritization creates a path making progress as the leader of a team – A CRO must embrace the responsibility of prioritizing work relative to the decision-making process to ensure he/she is producing the best results for employees and the business as a whole.

5. The lines between CRO and CMO roles are blurring – Tim sees the lines between sales, customer success, and marketing fading. Revenue management and marketing span the entire lifecycle and it is necessary for organizations to think about the full spectrum cross-functionally and leverage customer success roles and talent pre-sales. He calls this PX2CX – the prospect experience (PX) to customer experience (CX).

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