See What the Industry is Saying About MetaCX

See What the Industry is Saying About MetaCX

June 15, 2020 | Written by Scott McCorkle

“Systematically improving customer experiences to build durable, mutually beneficial customer relationships requires a fundamentally different approach. Most CRM systems, and the companies that use them, shape their processes around leads, accounts and opportunities. While this may incorporate the needs of sellers, it doesn’t reflect the priorities or expectations of customers—especially once a deal is signed. A system organized around the ongoing relationship, rather than deals, and supported by an event-driven architecture triggered by customer actions, has the potential to revolutionize customer relationship management.”

Nicole France

“MetaCX is helping our team operationalize a core set of business-critical metrics and behavior analytics that will help us drive strategy with our customers in a new way. I have enjoyed getting to know the MetaCX team over the past year while they have been building the MetaCX platform. I am excited to see their vision come to life as they strive to help companies focus more on what matters most to customers.”

Kristen Nunery

“Ensuring that our customers are achieving outcomes is how we execute on retention being the new acquisition. MetaCX is helping operationalize our “Path to Value” strategy to achieve our vision for making the customer experience truly collaborative across the entire lifecycle.”

Kevin Vanes

“MetaCX is helping our team produce board-worthy insights that are allowing us to manage our company more effectively. With the data at our fingertips, we don’t have to strain internal resources for reports; the data is just available. Their vision for customer lifecycle management embraces the role of the customer and keeps us close to them consistently.”

Caitlin Coffman

“Given the transactional nature of our business at Klaviyo, the challenge revolves around controlling the process, identifying next steps, and holding accountability for both parties involved. MetaCX acts as a vessel for our reps to achieve each of these things, while driving urgency and maintaining a mutual respect that helps them close deals faster and set the client up for long term success. As a manager, this in turn makes forecasting far more efficient and offers a refreshingly streamlined deal review process.”

Connor Gallo

“A technology platform that enables B2B software companies to fully unite with their customers across the entire customer lifecycle on a foundation of shared value realization has been desperately needed since the start of the subscription economy. I believe that platform has finally arrived with MetaCX.”

Ross Fulton

“MetaCX is helping Ovation realize its vision for stronger customer collaboration across the customer lifecycle. Their team is presenting a new opportunity to share an outcome-based success plan alongside key metrics which together will help our team drive strategic conversations with our customers.”

Winston Braser

“Here’s a radical idea: customer success software that focuses on delivering success for a company’s customers. There’s lots of great software that can help you run a CS team more efficiently, but MetaCX really gets to the heart of helping vendors and their customers work together to deliver success for customers. I’ve been talking with them for over a year and am delighted that their unique vision is now coming to market.”

Dave Jackson

“The heavyweights of the technology industry are adopting an outcomes approach to customers. Others are following. MetaCX design starts with the need to enable customer outcomes. And to do that cooperatively with the customer. We need this.”

Paul Henderson

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