Suppliers and Buyers Winning Together

May 15, 2020 | Written by Scott McCorkle

We started MetaCX believing there was a better way to manage the customer lifecycle by transforming how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together. By ‘win,’ we mean that the buyer achieves their desired outcomes, and the supplier receives concomitant value in return, through an ongoing relationship.

So where does a mutually beneficial supplier/buyer relationship begin?

It starts with a baseline to measure against. What are the desired outcomes the buyer wants to achieve? These are defined in the sales process and effectively handed-off throughout the customer lifecycle. One can’t forget or “lose track of” the baseline that defines customer success. The notes field of an account record in your CRM isn’t what we mean here. Rather, we mean a dynamic shared space that includes your customer. More on this later.

Next, we need to measure all signals that tell us if the customer is achieving these outcomes or not. This includes your digital product, but we extend this idea to include any telemetry about a customer’s complete experience, including marketing touchpoints, call center interactions, financial transactions… everything.

This is the role of MetaCX.

Our architecture is strongly influenced by IoT (a good topic for a future blog post), and we do this by connecting sensors to all of these sources of customer experience to create signals. These signals come through a part of our system we call the CXReactor that builds a model (through metrics and milestones) that shows if a customer is on the right path or not. A CTO from an early customer recently told us that we “create a command and control sensor network that tells me when something happens with my customers that I need to do something about.”

Finally, all of this–can–go into the shared space I mentioned above. I emphasize–can–because our customers have complete control over what they share with their customers to prove they are delivering value and achieving their desired outcomes.

Daring transparency is a radical but inevitable notion as supplier/buyer relationships bend toward more openness, not less; and, particularly in a challenging economy, demand more accountability to business impact and proof of performance that the customer can see.

We recognize that not every supplier is ready to make the leap to radical transparency and, while we’ve designed MetaCX with the end goal in mind, our customers maintain full control of what they share and when.

Ultimately, this is an evolution–a methodical march toward the sort of transparency and trust that will transform supplier/buyer relationships. When we started this company I couldn’t imagine a future where this didn’t exist. Two years later, that sentiment couldn’t possibly be stronger.

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