Value Builders Ep. 36 - Brian LaFaille

September 28, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

How do you partner with your customers to tell their value story?

Brian LaFaille, Global Lead of SaaS CS Programs at Google, thinks about this constantly and he has developed a  program and structure at Google to ensure the customer success team is well-positioned to develop and tell powerful value stories with customers.

In the episode of Value Builders, listen to Brian share his customer success team and function founding story at Looker prior to being acquired by Google and how it set the tone for now being in a position to develop global SaaS customer success for Google.

He talks about the importance of crafting value stories to articulate value and get credit for customer work, the role that value mapping plays in that equation, and why change management and storytelling have become critical customer success skills.

Brian also discusses why Google has created a cloud value advisory group to support enterprise customers starting in the sales cycle and how this group is partnering with customer success to create a full lifecycle approach to value delivery.

Tune in below to listen to the full episode.

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