Anurag Goel, Value Consulting and Realization, Red Hat

Value Builders Ep. 39 - Anurag Goel

October 22, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

The case for creating a dedicated value team is increasingly becoming well understood - but how do you create one?  Once you’ve established the team, how do you scale it?

Anurag Goel has been down this road before multiple times at companies like SAP, Adobe, and Salesforce. As the newly minted Global Head of Value Consulting and Realization at Red Hat, he is well-positioned to educate us on how to think about starting and scaling a value consulting and realization function.

In this episode of Value Builders, Anurag shares his perspective on how to create and scale a value organization. He offers advice for how to think about using the value organization as a steel thread across the entire customer lifecycle while helping Sales and Customer Success teams position the ‘why’ piece of the value proposition.

He also offers his take on the most important skills that are necessary for building a strong and successful value team and speaks to the importance of keeping things simple.

About Anurag Goel

Anurag is the Global Head of Value Consulting and Realization at Red Hat and is based out of the Bay Area. For the last 16+ years, Anurag has embarked on 4 occasions of building and scaling Value-Selling and Realization functions aimed at accelerating profitable revenue growth and customer adoption for Fortune 500 cloud businesses. After stints at SAP and Deloitte, Anurag led the establishment of the Value Consulting function at Adobe globally which contributed to 3x growth in revenue from $4B to $11B

Anurag spent the last couple of years leading a Business Value team at Salesforce supporting a $200M ARR business before moving to Red Hat at the start of 2021 to yet again build a new value function from scratch

Anurag is passionate about value management and has been a mentor, thought leader, and speaker at multiple events including Dreamforce. Outside of work, Anurag enjoys playing tennis and traveling.

Anurag is always looking to connect with others who are passionate about value building - follow him on Linkedin here.

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