Lawrence Walter - VP, Entrepreneurship, Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Value Builders Ep. 40 - Lawrence Walter

November 08, 2021 | Written by Dave Duke

State governments can have a vision for innovation just like other industries (software, healthcare, manufacturing, etc..). When you combine vision with outcome-based models and a fresh strategy for ecosystem collaboration, state governments can innovate and create a new catalyst for economic development and growth.

Lawrence Walter, VP of Entrepreneurship for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), is doing just this - he is casting a big vision for building a digital ecosystem to support and encourage the growth of the state of Indiana for one of the most innovative economic development organizations in the country.

In this episode of Value Builders, Lawrence sits down with me to discuss how he is thinking about bringing an outcome-based strategy to economic development to put Indiana’s ecosystem in a better position for success.  He elaborates on how his organization is creating new mechanisms for stronger collaboration with his customers and partners, and he speaks to how he is using technology, via MetaCX, to create new levels of alignment and progress for his most important stakeholders and strategic projects.

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