Chris Koehler, Value Builders, MetaVerse™, Value Creation

Value Builders Ep. 44 - Chris Koehler

January 03, 2022 | Written by Dave Duke

In this episode of Value Builders, I had the pleasure of chatting with Box CMO, Chris Koehler.  It’s a two-part conversation - we start by getting Chris’s take on the emergence of the MetaVerse™ and delve into some of the big questions that companies and marketing leaders have to consider as MetaVerse™ strategies take shape.

In the second half of the conversation, Chris shares his perspective on marketing’s role in value creation for a company and a market.   He is tapping his customer success experience to bring empathy to his marketing efforts and explains how he tackles the issue of customers not fully understanding all of the value Box can bring to customers - his biggest pet peeve.

Chris also touches on how he thinks about balancing marketing strategy across product-led growth and enterprise selling and he reflects on the importance of communication as a leader in a remote work environment.

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