Value Builders Ep. 48 - Leslie Pagel

April 29, 2022 | Written by Dave Duke

What does a customer-centric culture actually look like?

Leslie Pagel, CCO at Authenticx, knows firsthand what it means to develop a customer experience strategy that is truly customer-centric spending the majority of her career developing industry-leading customer experience strategies.

In this episode of Value Builders, Leslie breaks down the two key principles of effective customer experience strategy - listening to understand and the responsibility of advocating for customers.  She elaborates on how these two key principles are essential for weaving the customer into the fabric of a company.

In the second part of the conversation, Leslie talks about the work she and the team at Authenticx is doing to innovate in the customer experience space.  Specifically, she explains the role interaction data plays in unleashing an understanding of customer behavior and emotions.  She speaks to the power of investing in understanding the dynamics of a customer conversation as a path to unlocking customer experience improvements and extrapolating the data to improve a business overall.

To round out the conversation Leslie explains the concept of The Eddy Effect and how Authenticx is using it to help customers get ‘unstuck’ in the development of their customer experience strategy.

About Leslie Pagel

Leslie Pagel is the Chief Customer Officer at Authenticx, a conversation analytics company dedicated to improving the way healthcare companies engage with patients. In this role she leads efforts to work with Authenticx clients to advise and inform customer strategies. With over two decades of working with customer experience (CX) teams, Leslie helps clients actualize the voice of the patient to show how these voices prompt meaningful action.

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