Value Builders Podcast - Bill King

Value Builders Ep. 49 - Bill King

May 27, 2022 | Written by Dave Duke

In this episode of Value Builders, I sat down with Bill King of RiseNow - a foremost expert in sourcing, supplier management, and specifically supplier value management. We discuss the differences between the disciplines and break down how identifying strategic, and investing in, strategic supplier relationships can produce case study-worthy results.

Bill explains how he thinks about taking supplier relationships to a place of trust and creativity where ideas and recommendations fuel a path to business impact.

He also elaborates on his process for creating supplier scorecards to drive focus and shares how he once turned the tables on a supplier to drive a QBR discussion in order to bring more focus to what he cares about as a customer.

About Bill King

Bill King is a senior director and heads RiseNow’s sourcing service line. He brings his proven track record for sourcing, client success and leadership skills. He is a recognized leader and visionary in spend management with over 20+ years of expertise in strategic sourcing, sourcing best practices, GPO/BPOs, contract management, contract development, supplier value management, project management and spend analytics. He has extensive experience in enabling technology to achieve best practices for his clients while also developing strategies to help them build powerful, strategic supplier partnerships.

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