Value Builders Podcast - Aaron Thompson

Value Builders Ep. 50 - Aaron Thompson

July 01, 2022 | Written by Dave Duke

“We need to market and sell what things do, not what they are…we need to be marketing and selling pains and gains.” - Aaron Thompson

In this episode of Value Builders, I am joined by one of the most well-known names in customer success, SuccessCoaching CRO, Aaron Thompson.

We sat down to discuss outcome-based selling. Aaron helps us understand why it’s so important for companies to embrace an outcome-selling mindset and strategy in order to put teams and customers in the best possible position to achieve results - especially with subscription business models.

In the conversation, he defines outcome-based selling, shares what we in B2B can learn from direct-to-consumer offerings, and talks about the realities of managing an infinite product lifespan with today’s buyers and why new thinking is necessary to retain and grow customer relationships.

About Aaron Thompson

Aaron Thompson is a world-renowned Customer Success Keynote Speaker and Educator. He is the Chief Revenue Officer at SuccessCOACHING (, the world’s leader in Customer Success training and education. He is also the CEO and Founder of, an online library of free Customer Success educational content. Aaron has decades of training and instructional design experience and has built and scaled numerous Customer Success organizations from scratch. This real-world background in both disciplines uniquely positions him as an educator in the discipline of Customer Success. Aaron is a very active participant in the global Customer Success community and consistently challenges the industry norms to improve and grow the CS function in its entirety.

When not evangelizing for Customer Success best practices, Aaron enjoys spending time with his friends and family in the great outdoors as an avid kayaker, golfer, and skier. He resides in the Pacific Northwest, USA, and as best he can, he takes full advantage of everything nature offers.

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