Value Builders podcast - Greg Daines

Value Builders Ep. 51 - Greg Daines

July 27, 2022 | Written by Dave Duke

“Some of our most traditional, original ideas of business strategy have turned out to be profoundly flawed.”

The research is in, the key to driving world-class customer retention and growth rates is not customer happiness or customer satisfaction. While both are important, it's the results the customer achieves with a supplier that matter most. It may seem obvious, but conventional wisdom and behavior have not always led companies down a path to embracing the importance of ensuring customers achieve results.

In this enlightening episode of Value Builders, Dave sits down with customer retention, growth, and strategy expert, Greg Daines, to discuss how Greg's economics background and retention research are providing a clearer understanding of how to effectively attain better retention and growth rates by changing behavior and creating meaningful results for customers.

About Greg Daines

Greg Daines is a leading expert in customer retention, growth, and strategy. Throughout his career as both a founder and executive, he has regularly challenged the conventional thinking. He has spent the past several years working with companies around the world to transform their results using his unique Total Customer Strategy playbooks. Greg is known for his thought-provoking and data-driven approach, and he holds advanced degrees in business and economics from MIT and Cambridge University.

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