Value Builders Podcast - Brent Dykes

Value Builders Ep. 52 - Brent Dykes

October 26, 2022 | Written by Dave Duke

"As human beings, we love to hear and watch stories.” - Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes, Founder and Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero and Author of Effective Data Storytelling, has seen it all when it comes to managing and analyzing data. He has spent years at companies like Domo and Adobe, constructing and implementing data strategies, and now he is now taking his knowledge and experience to the market to help companies become world-class data storytellers.

In this episode of Value Builders, Brent sits down with me to discuss his new book Effective Data Storytelling. In the discussion, Brent defines data storytelling and helps us understand how data storytelling can help a company develop a high-performing data culture to drive change.

Brent is also writing about the importance of creating and supporting a data culture within a company. You’ll hear Brent expand on why creating a data culture is so important to fully realize the benefits of investments in data and data storytelling.

About Brent Dykes

Brent Dykes is the Founder and Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero, LLC. He is also the author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals. Brent has nearly two decades of enterprise analytics experience at Omniture, Adobe, Domo, and Blast Analytics. His passion for data strategy and data storytelling comes from consulting with many industry leaders including IKEA, Nike, Microsoft, Sony, and Comcast. He is a regular Forbes contributor and has written more than 45 articles on different data-related topics. In 2016, Brent received the Most Influential Industry Contributor Award from the Digital Analytics Association (DAA). He is a popular speaker at conferences such as Strata, Web Summit,, Adtech, Pubcon, RISE, Crunch, and Adobe Summit. Brent holds an MBA from Brigham Young University and a BBA in marketing from Simon Fraser University.

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