We Are First

August 25, 2020 | Written by Kolby Tallentire

The concept of “first” has two key meanings in business. There is the idea of an innovation first—for example, being first to market in delivering a specific product or offering. Then there’s the use of “first” as a designation of emphasis—mobile first is perhaps the most widely known example of this.

Depending on the definition you chose, MetaCX is associated with many firsts. MetaCX holds the “innovation first” to engage all participants in defining and tracking customer value throughout the customer lifecycle. Based on our vision, this will surely be the first of many (pun intended) innovation firsts.

It is the second meaning of “first” where things get interesting for design and product teams. When using it as an emphasis, it is common to hold the “first” as a litmus test of what to do and where to invest. Over the evolution of MetaCX’s journey, we’ve added and shifted emphasis to the appropriate “first”: by turns, we have been “design first,” “platform first,” and currently “customer first”— our most important emphasis to date.

Design First

At inception, MetaCX was “design first” with our co-founder and design leader Rona facilitating the translation of the vision to user experience concepts soon after the proverbial napkin sketch. We continue to design our UI under guidance from CEO Scott that MetaCX is “not your standard enterprise software experience.” With design patterns more familiar to consumer interfaces, gaming, and sci-fi, we developed the “physics of the MetaVerse.” An example is our three dimensional navigation to assist in connection between major concepts from the “Grid” to the “Bridge.” The continued attention to detail from iconography created by our Senior Brand Designer, Noelle Itin, and animations created by our Principle Designer, Sarah Gardziel, equally contribute to understanding the product and delighting our users.

As we started building, we needed a platform to deliver on the vision for identity and event based measurement.

Platform First

Companies already understand the importance of collecting data, but few bring it into how they manage a business relationship. The ability to measure and track outcomes of your business relationships at scale depends on structuring customer data *and* expectations. Our CTO, Jake Miller and Principal Software Engineer, Jason Schmidt’s, experience building event driven customer data solutions allowed us to quickly build and iterate on a powerful platform supporting real-time event processing, rich objects, and sharing to support a wide array of use cases from event capture to collaboration.

Customer First

The previous “firsts” of Design and Platform enable rapid progress in our current “Customer First” state from concept, to user story, to production deployment.

We are lucky to have many early customers and design partners who support our vision and are excited by a powerful platform and a revolutionary design. They help provide that crucial feedback and sounding board as we refine MetaCX to “do a job,” close the small gaps which represent unexpected hurdles to adoption, and define the roadmap.


As we have shifted the “first” emphasis over time, that guiding principle has become only more significant. We now feel confident that what we are producing is a compelling product, true to our beliefs:

  • People use software and people deserve to be delighted
  • End users are living, breathing humans with needs, desires, and personalities
  • Companies and people should have digital parallels in an ecosystem, not be an entry in a table
  • Event based data underpins the measurement of value and progress
  • Shared metrics and events revolutionize measurement of value
  • Involve stakeholders in transparency and accountability
  • Measure up to expectations and the benchmarks
  • Seamless experience for a business relationship

We are excited to show more of the world what we are building. Ready to dive in?

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