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Platform Capabilities

Enabling Value Creation Through Collaboration and Live Performance Data


Invite anyone in your business ecosystem to a co-owned digital space to collaborate on the desired outcomes, action plans, and evaluation measures necessary to achieve shared success.

Shared Outcomes

Document and track the key deliverables by which you and your partners can define value and measure success.

Outcome Templates

Create outcome templates tailored to specific use cases and personas to simplify and scale the prioritization of value in business relationships.

Performance Metrics

Capture and conceptualize real-time, multidirectional data to create a comprehensive view of performance toward the achievement of outcomes and delivery of value.

Multidirectional Data

Gather data from up to four companies directly in MetaCX to more accurately track the progression of value and impact of a partnership.

Mutual Action Plans

Construct step-by-step action plans aligned to the short term goals and long term initiatives that are the basis of each business partnership.


Collaborate with other members in a bridge by commenting on bridge elements and tagging anyone who would be a valuable contributor.

Company Profiles

Gain a complete view of your entire business ecosystem—vendors, customers, partners, and more—in one central location.


Share marketing assets, educational content, tutorials, and more directly within a bridge.


Bring business partnerships to life and start collaborating with relevant stakeholders by creating team profiles for each party in a bridge.


Embed bridges directly into any SaaS application, website, or digital experience, eliminating the need to navigate outside the set of tools already in use.


Gain a central view of your latest MetaCX activity including bridge views, comments, milestone status updates, and more.


Integration Hub

MetaCX's integration network unifies disparate data sources to visualize and track the creation of value across the entire B2B value stream. Gain access to over 200 SaaS tools and data sources to enrich the collaborative experience.

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