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Economic Development

MetaCX for Economic Development Initiatives

Create ecosystem support structures for business and job growth.

Create Ecosystem Alignment

Economic development organizations and NGO leaders partner with many local and national organizations on strategic initiatives that further economic and job growth objectives. The challenge is that while communication and collaboration are vital to success, partnering organizations often use disconnected, siloed systems that get in the way of creating the alignment needed across many stakeholders to create value. Enter MetaCX.

Job Growth Initiatives

Align with Multiple Stakeholders

Economic development organizations using MetaCX are able to collaborate with government agencies, non-profits, corporations, and individual contributors to ensure the collective achievement of key business and job growth initiatives.

Collaborate on Shared Initiatives

Within MetaCX, organizations connect through bridges—persistent, digital spaces where any number of stakeholders are able to collectively define, manage, and measure every aspect of an initiative including its desired outcomes, corresponding action plans, and performance metrics.

Ecosystem Map

Build an Ecosystem Map

MetaCX creates an aggregate view of the various connections an organization has within the platform via an interactive ecosystem map. The map amplifies the efforts of economic development organizations by making connections visible and by providing a way for organizations to navigate the ecosystem, engage with specific initiatives, and achieve desired outcomes.

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